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A new bathroom design and new construction provide a fresh look for your house. Bathroom renovations have a net positive return if they are completed correctly. Don’t worry; your local Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is here to help you install new sinks, glass shower doors, or tiles in your very own home. Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is fully self-sufficient when it comes to something to do with the bathroom remodeling. By no way does this mean you will have to subcontract out the project. We’re your one-stop shop where everything is done right. Shower or tub installations include:

  • Tile floor installation
  • Toilet installation
  • New faucet or shower fixture installation
  • Drywall or cement board installation
  • Vanity or mirror installation
  • And more!

There is no doubt that remodeling a bathroom is a significant undertaking! For the most part, one of the most used rooms in the home, the bathroom is well-kept. Your properties are now in safe hands when you engage Bathroom Remodel New Orleans. When we deal with your everyday needs, we’ll try to keep a minimal impact on your day-to-to-day life. Our contractors will take preventive measures to avoid dust and a clean space at the end of the project.

We’ll Enhance Your Bathroom Appeal!

Remodeling a bathroom helps you and your home’s value grow. Renovating a bathroom entails fresh paint and new faucets. It’s up to you whether you want to repaint the bathroom or make a whole new one. Planning is a few steps ahead of reality.

On average, it costs $5,000 to $10,000 to remodel a bathroom. The more grandiose the design, the more challenging the implementation would be. It is essential to look ahead and plan, as this will help to keep the costs down. Expense aside, remodeling your bathroom is worth it. You can have a bathroom that is enchanting and full of appeal.

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Contemporary bathroom with copyspace
Bathroom in luxury home with double vanity, bathtub, mirror, sin
Modern bathroom interior with minimalistic shower

Why Choose Us?

Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is an excellent company with a proven track record for bathroom renovation services. Choosing us already means the success of your remodeling project. We are confident with our skills and knowledge in this field, for we know that we are the best.

When you hire Bathroom Remodel New Orleans, you expose yourself to countless great options for your design layout, materials, and fixtures. We have outstanding experience in satisfying our clients by delivering the best services for their specific needs. Our team of designers comes up with the best designs they can offer based solely on your style and requirements. Thus, we guarantee you that choosing us will never bring regret to your table. Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is the ideal company for your renovation project.

Aside from our expertise in the field of bathroom remodeling, our contractors also deliver superb quality workmanship. We are the most recognized bathroom remodelers in New Orleans, Louisiana, because of our loyalty, quality, promptness, and skillfulness. Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is the best choice for your renovation project, regardless of the requirements you have.

Our contractors have complete know-how in installing any types of fixtures for your bathroom. Toilets, bathroom doors, rods, tiles, glass partitions, anything! Bathroom Remodel New Orleans can install all of those! Our team of dedicated professionals ensures to deliver only the best service and experience to you.

Your bathroom will never be boring when you trust our designers to handle the remodeling process. They have the best eye and taste when choosing the products they will suggest to you. See below the kinds of products we provide:

  • Bathtubs
  • Tub spouts and faucets
  • Tub drains and trim kits
  • Shower systems
  • Shower valves
  • Showerheads
  • Hand showers
  • Shower pans and drains
  • Shower accessories
  • Lavatory sinks
  • Sink drains and accessories
  • Lavatory faucets and accessories
  • Toilets, repair parts, and accessories
  • Bathroom luxuries
  • Mirrors
  • Towel warmers
  • Safety and independence aids
  • Saunas and steam baths

Bathroom Remodel New Orleans will provide you these high-quality and long-lasting products while considering your budget.

Everything comes at a cost, and the remodeling of the bathrooms is one of them. This does not suggest, however, that you cannot afford it. We want to suggest selecting a company valuable enough for your money—partner with entrepreneurs who can promptly provide the service you want.

If you have a small bath, the cost of restoring a bathroom is lower. Most of the designs are priced based on the materials, your bathroom’s size, design layout, and accessories. If you want to estimate how much your renovation will cost, you can consult Bathroom Remodel New Orleans.

Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is practically your neighbor! We reside in the same city as yours! We are just one drive away from your place; thus, we can easily reach you vice versa. You can rely on our customer service agents to immediately receive your call and provide you all the details you need.

Loyalty is one of the top reasons our customers choose us. And after the bathroom remodeling is over, we stay with them. We expect long-term business relationships with our clients because of it. We pay more attention to the well-being of others than we do to our own. Convenience is our fundamental competency.

Also, in every project, we ask our customers to give us candid feedback at the end. Failure is not an option. My clients have no grievances whatsoever. We take great pride in our contractors, leaving our customers with smiles as they complete their bathroom remodeling projects.

Your time is important to us. We maximize the amount of time rendered for your bathroom renovation project to ensure that we complete all tasks without a single minute wasted. With our team of professional contractors, we will finish your remodeling project according to our agreed timetable.

Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is known for its outstanding service guarantees, such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Our team strives to be as transparent as possible to our clients by explaining everything about our process and giving them timely updates about the project.
  • We are the best when it comes to completing a job ahead of the scheduled end date.
  • Our contractors and designers will give you their utmost respect as well as towards your home.
  • Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is a licensed, bonded, and insured company.
  • Lifetime warranty for all our provided products.
  • We always ask our clients for feedback after we finish our contract with them to ensure that everything is excellent.
Renovation of an old building bathroom in a panoramic view - 3d visualization
Modern contemporary style bathroom 3d render, With beige tile wa

New Orleans Bathroom Remodel Process

Bathroom Remodel New Orleans has the best and easiest process. You don’t have to go through a hard-to-understand process from other companies because of how simple it is to work with us. Below is a step-by-step guide for partnering with us.

Freestanding bath in modern bathroom

Initial Design and Consultation

Every bathroom renovation job starts with a consultation. This is where we go over all the details of your request, and we check your bathroom space. We’ll talk about everything from your specific bathroom remodel needs down to your dream bathroom. Let our agents handle the Initial Design and Consultation process and be amazed at how great our customer service is.

Planning Your Ideal Space

The planning stage comes next after the consultation process. We will check all the details you gave us and our suggestions then we’ll build the best plan for your dream bathroom.

Drawing Out Details

Our designers will draw out the best design layout they could ever produce to tailor your needs and budget. We are confident that what design we’ll propose to you will steal your heart.

Final Authorization Consultation

We will need your authorization after the planning stage. If you agree with our proposed plan and would like to go for it, we want to ask you. If you give your authorization, we’ll finalize the project and schedule the renovation process.

Elegant attic bathroom with bathtub


Once we are at the scheduling stage, we’ll create the timetable for the bathroom remodeling project. We’ll set goals on what we should achieve for a day of work. After we carefully layout the scheduling, it’s time to do the actual renovation process and track progress.

Project Completion

We guarantee you that our contractors will finish the bathroom remodel process ahead of time, so you can add changes if you like. You can conduct your inspection with the renovated room and give us feedback about how we did. We are confident that no issues will arise, for we have the best of the best contractors in the city.

Advantages of Bathroom Remodel New Orleans

Are you looking for easy solutions to freshen your house’s appearance without complicated renovations? Well, bathroom remodeling could be for you. Outdated bathrooms do not get a lot of attention. Even if you’re not in the market to sell, still, modernity can tempt you. If you can think of other things that you can do in your house, then your bathroom can increase its value by getting renovation services. Of course, there are significant advantages that a bathroom remodel will provide:

Increases Property Value

Upgrading your bathroom into something luxurious will undoubtedly boost your property value. Adding new fixtures, especially high-quality models, will add up to the reselling price of your home.

Adds New Style and Design

Old bathrooms are boring; this is why remodeling services exist. They spice up your space and make it look new again. Our designers will help you choose the designs and style you want, and our contractors will be the ones to make your dream bathroom happen. Once you remodel your bathroom with us, your space will scream finesse.

Improves Functionality

Since we are changing or upgrading your bathroom’s fixtures and other parts, it gradually enhances the functionality of the space. The more upgrade we do, the better experience you will have.


Bathroom Remodel New Orleans aims for environmentally-friendly services by offering products that are not harmful. Thus, bathroom remodeling with us will guarantee an environmentally friendly process.

Personal Comfort

Personal comfort is one of the best advantages of having your bathroom remodeled. It improves the quality and ambiance of your bathroom, thus increasing the comfort you experience. So, start now your renovation project by calling our experts here at Bathroom Remodel New Orleans.

Call Us Today!

Are you looking for easy solutions to freshen your house’s appearance without complicated renovations? Well, bathroom remodeling could be for you. Outdated bathrooms do not get a lot of attention. Even if you’re not in the market to sell, still, modernity can tempt you. If you can think of other things that you can do in your house, then your bathroom can increase its value by getting renovation services. Of course, there are significant advantages that a bathroom remodel will provide:

Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is your one-stop shop for your bathroom renovation needs. We have helped hundreds of homeowners turn their bathrooms into the most fantastic space ever! You can rely on our contractors to install new fixtures on your bathroom as fast as possible. We always target zero-inconvenience work for our clients so that they will continue being our company’s patrons. Below are the different kinds of services we offer:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Small bathroom remodel
  • Shower remodel
  • Bathroom makeovers
  • Small bathroom renovations
  • Master bathroom remodel
  • Kitchen and bath remodeling
  • Bathroom shower remodel
  • Small bathroom makeovers
  • Bathroom repair
  • Shower renovation
  • Master bath remodel
  • Tiny bathroom remodel
  • One day shower remodeling

If we have the service you need, immediately call us to go over the details of your order and our business.

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Modern luxury white bathroom 3d render. There are white tile wal
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