Bath Conversions

Bath Conversions in New Orleans

Bathroom remodeling is quite a hassle for some homeowners. The thought of having their bathroom wrecked and unusable for a few days or even weeks is the reason why some do not wish to get their bathroom renovated. If you think the same as them, then we have a solution for you – bathroom conversion.

Bath conversions have two standard types; tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions.

  • Shower to tub conversion – Most homeowners have a hard time standing in the shower for so long. This is primarily an issue for family members that can’t take a bath by themselves, such as the elderly and children. Thus, converting your shower into a tub is beneficial in terms of safety. Also, installing a tub increases your home value and is advantageous if you were to put your house on the market.
  • Tub to shower conversion – If a tub is excellent for safety purposes, a shower is beneficial in terms of convenience, ease of access, and space maximization. Converting your tub into a shower will result in a spacious bathroom, which will make it easier to access. Moreover, taking a shower is convenient, especially for family members on a tight schedule every day due to their work.

If you need any of these services, Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is the company you should call. Please continue reading below to find out more about our bathroom conversion services.

Shower to Tub

Are you in search of the best alternative to standing on a slippery floor when taking a shower? Do you prefer soaking in warm water using a bathtub? With the help of our shower-to-tub conversion service, you can achieve the most convenient and luxurious bathroom you wish for! For as fast as one day, our contractors will finish your bathroom remodeling project!

Our fast and talented contractors, as well as excellent materials, allow us to convert your shower into a brand-new, stylish bathtub. Moreover, our team of dedicated professionals takes necessary bathroom measurements to ensure that we pick the best bathtub model for your bathroom while keeping in coordination with your chosen style.

A shower-to-tub conversion from Bathroom Remodel New Orleans removes other bathroom remodel services’ stress and costly price. Our products are made with the best, high-quality materials, creating them as durable and efficient products. You can also choose bathtubs made with non-porous materials since they require low maintenance and are long-lasting.

With hundreds of variants for color and style options, searching for the best tub that complements your bathroom design is simple! Our team offers the highest-quality fixtures you can find in New Orleans, at a price you can certainly afford. Furthermore, we make the best out of the time given to us to ensure we complete the conversion process in less than a day. Get in touch with Bathroom Remodel New Orleans today so you can start your shower-to-tub conversion immediately.

Towel Hanged on Bathtub
Interior of bathroom with skincare supplies
White Ceramic Bathtub Beside Clear Glass Wall
Interior of spacious light bathroom with shower cabin and wooden furniture
Spacious bathroom interior with shower cabin and shiny tiled walls
Contemporary bathroom with glass shower

Tub to Shower

Outdated colors and grimy tiles are signs of a bathroom that needs a total makeover. Upgrading your bathroom into a fresher look and into the kind of space you envisioned could be achieved through bathroom conversion. Tub-to-shower conversion is the secret to a luxurious and well-upgraded bathroom. With this service, your old-fashioned tub will turn into the most deluxe shower you’ll ever own.


Bathroom Remodel New Orleans will give your bathroom that fresh new look you will love. Let us install a breathtaking shower that will be the star of your bathroom. Compared to standard and time-consuming renovation services, our contractors get your bathroom ready to use in just a day!

Tub to shower conversion is increasing in popularity in many households. Whether you are looking to avoid the hassle of climbing over a tub or want to turn it into a luxurious place, we can provide you the service you desire. We can install a top-quality shower in a variety of designs and colors to best suit your style for a budget-friendly price.

All of our showers resist chipping, prevent mold growth and withstand the test of time. Our showers are designed to eliminate the hassle of a time-consuming clean-up process and ensure the best convenience for its user. Allow Bathroom Remodel New Orleans to handle your tub-to-shower conversion and guarantee that you’ll receive the best result ever! 

One-Day Bathroom Conversion

Modern bathroom interior with bathtub and toilet bowl at home

Our company prides itself on its fast and high-quality services. Our contractors make sure to maximize the convenience they deliver to our clients by finishing their remodeling requests within a day. We make sure that you never experience the hassle of not being able to use your bathroom for a few days. We ought to make the process as fast as possible, so you get to see the result with a smile on your face. Trust our professionals to deliver the best out of your expectations. Contact Bathroom Remodel New Orleans to help you rebuild your bathroom into the best version it has ever been! 

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