Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in New Orleans

Your bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your house. Depending on the size of your family or home, your bathroom serves an essential part. You might want to upgrade some of its functions or like a total makeover. Regardless, we attend to each of our client’s bathroom renovation needs. A bathroom remodeling service is the grandest opportunity to make your bathroom the space of your dreams. 

Bath Remodeling

Besides kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation is also a popular service among homeowners in this generation. Remodeling your bathroom is the best and fastest way to upgrade your bathroom’s main features. It is also the most fantastic approach to increase your home property value.

Whether you dream of a spa-like bathroom or want to update your outdated shower, Bathroom Remodel New Orleans will help you turn your visions into reality. And if you are unsure of what you wish for, our team of creative designers will guide you to determine the perfect plan for you. From layout and installation to finishes and fixtures, we will finish the project in no time! 

White Ceramic Bathtub Near White Ceramic Bathtub

Bathtub Replacement

Replacing your bathtub is ideal if the one you own already looks so outdated. Choosing this path will allow you to upgrade the main feature of your bathroom. Turn that old and dirty tub into a fresh and comfy one. You can now finally soak yourself in a warm bath with a cozy tub. Let Bathroom Remodel New Orleans handle this job for you. We partner with the best manufacturers of bathroom materials and products to ensure we offer you only top-notch quality products. 

Bathtub Installation

Installing a new bathtub is something unique to most homeowners. It boosts our overall mood and dramatically enhances the sophistication of our bathroom. Not to mention that it helps to increase the resell value of our house. Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is the best company for this task. They offer multiple options and bathtub products that you can choose from based on your taste and budget. 

Bathroom Remodeling in New Orleans
Contemporary bathroom with mirror and big tub

Toilet Installation

A toilet is the most prominent part of our bathroom. It partakes an important event in our daily life. Thus, do not hesitate to install a new one with better functionality and features. See below the types of toilets we provide:

  • Gravity-feed toilets
  • Pressure-assisted toilets
  • Single and double flush toilets
  • Waterless toilets
  • Wall-mounted toilets
  • Comfort-height toilets

Our toilet products are all built with high-quality materials. They are durable enough to survive for the years to come. And, we are proud to announce that all of these come with a warranty. Thus, you are safe when partnering with Bathroom Remodel New Orleans. 

Vanity Installation

Are you interested in vanity installation? Placing a vanity in your bathroom can change the whole feel of the room. Also, you don’t have to be an expert in vanity installation for this project. All you have to do is trust our designers to help you choose the vanity that best compliments your bathroom. And lastly, our contractors will install the vanity as fast and as thoroughly as they can.

Backsplash Installation

Are you attracted to backsplash installation? Bathroom Remodel New Orleans is here to help you with backsplash installation for both your bathroom and kitchen. Our dedicated installers will handle this task from start to finish. For backsplash options, we have a variety you can choose from. Just contact us, and our team will guide you throughout the selection process.

Lighting Installation

Do you lack the knowledge and skills to install the perfect lighting for your bathroom? No worries! Bathroom Remodel New Orleans will assist you in installing the best lighting that will brighten your whole bathroom. Please consult with us today so we can give you a list of our available lighting products.

Cabinet Installation

Cabinets are sometimes neglected by most homeowners and choose not to install one in their bathrooms. However, cabinets are essential. Not only does it give you enough storage space, but it also enhances the appeal of your bathroom. Thus, install one with the assistance of Bathroom Remodel New Orleans. Consult with them today to learn more about cabinet installation. 

Flooring Installation

Your flooring is one of the significant ambiance-maker of your bathroom. It is best to keep it the same theme as your wall color to ensure the best overall look of your bathroom. Thus, choosing the flooring design and color is critical. Consult with the Bathroom Remodel New Orleans experts to help you decide what is best for your flooring installation needs.

Countertop Installation

Countertops are also among the top players at any bathroom or kitchen sinks. It is among the fixtures that make our sinks shine. Thus, installing one in your bathroom is an excellent investment. Bathroom Remodel New Orleans will help you with this endeavor and install the best countertop for your sink. We have the best options that will surely fit your ideal countertop. Contact us today to start planning the installation process!

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