Shower Remodeling

Shower Remodeling in New Orleans

Our showers are part of our daily lives. It washes away the stress out of our body and makes us start the day feeling fresh. So, having a broken shower is indeed frustrating and can worsen your mood. Thus, it is only fitting for you to invest in remodeling your shower.

The benefits of shower remodeling are endless! You get to enjoy a new, high-functional shower. It also boosts your mood, enhances the total feel of your bathroom, increases your property value, and so on. Here at Bathroom Remodel New Orleans, we have served hundreds of homeowners with quality shower remodeling services, and their feedbacks are remarkable! They have testified how remodeling their showers made them extra happy to start their day. So, if you want to experience the same, start now considering our shower remodeling services.

Shower Remodeling

Shower remodeling is the best way for you to get your bathroom functioning the way it should, once again. Enjoy hot or cold showers throughout the year by upgrading your shower into the most advanced model. Continue reading below to know more about the services involved in shower remodeling.

Shower Replacement

Are you looking for a company that can replace your old shower with a new one in a single day? Look no further than Bathroom Remodel New Orleans! We specialize in every branch of bathroom remodeling, including shower replacement. Let us handle the legwork for you, and we’ll replace your outdated shower with the latest model within 24 hours. Moreover, you can rest assured that all our shower products use top-notch materials and come with a warranty.

Shower Remodeling in New Orleans
Ceramic bidet and shower cabin in contemporary bathroom
Bathroom with bath and shower near sink
Bathroom interior with toilet near bathtub with shower near cupboard

New Showers

Nothing is better than taking a bath under a newly installed shower. The superb functionality it offers is gratifying! It enhances your overall mood for the day and makes you smile early in the morning. With today’s technology, hundreds of improved shower products have emerged. You now have multiple great options to choose from. At Bathroom Remodel New Orleans, we will help you choose the most appropriate shower product for your bathroom that will suit your style. Our designers are the best in creativity; thus, they can give you the most astonishing suggestions you can have.

Shower Bases

A shower base is a material you step on when using the shower. It helps the water you use to go down the drain without splashing around places quickly. Installing this product will save you from a moldy tiled floor. Also, you should talk with the specialists at Bathroom Remodel New Orleans so that you’ll know the types of shower base materials you can choose from. Some of the materials available are:

  • ceramic
  • metal
  • fiberglass
  • acrylic
  • stone
  • cement mortar

Let our experts explain to you the pros and cons of each so you can select the one that suits you best. 

Shower Liners

If you are not comfortable with barrier-free showers, you can always choose to install shower liners. The liners will act as a barrier that prevents water from coming out of the shower area. You can choose shower liners if you are not disturbed by the idea that you need to raise your foot a bit higher to enter the shower area. To install shower liners, call the contractors at Bathroom Remodel New Orleans. They will do this task in the fastest way possible.

Contemporary bathroom interior with shower cabin and washstand at home
Modern bathroom with shower cabin
Interior of modern apartment with shower cabin
Modern bathroom with shower cabin
Wardrobe and bathroom with glass walls in modern bedroom

Shower Surrounds

Installing a shower surround is one of the best decisions you can make. It helps to create a luxurious look for your shower area. Depending on your style, you can choose one from these shower surround options:

  • Fiberglass
  • Cultured Marble
  • Tile
  • Acrylic
  • Stone
  • Glass

All of these are great options and have their advantages. If you want assistance from an expert designer for this selection process, contact Bathroom Remodel New Orleans today. They have the best designers to help you choose the best material that will fit your needs and taste.

Barrier-Free Showers

Barrier-free showers are convenient products that many homeowners love. It is ideal for people that are having a hard time moving around, especially the elderly. Thus, if you think that a barrier-free shower is the best for your family, call now Bathroom Remodel New Orleans to install one for you.

Shower Doors and Rods

When remodeling your shower, doors and rods should never be neglected. They are also essential parts of your shower area and adds to the beauty of it. You should select the finish for your shower doors and rods depending on the design or theme of your space. Choose from any of our finishes below:

  • Brushed nickel
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Glass
  • Platinum

No matter what type of finish you choose, the result will always be fantastic when letting Bathroom Remodel New Orleans handle this project. For more details, do not hesitate to contact our agents. 

Contemporary bathroom with glass shower
Minimalist bathroom with shower cabin and white furniture and walls
Bathtub and white sink with toilet in modern bathroom
Modern shower room interior with toilet bowl at home
A Shower Room with Glass Door Near the Lavatory

Patterns and Colors

Choosing the pattern and colors for your walls is also a critical process for bathroom remodeling.  Selecting the ones that won’t complement each other will ruin the look of your space. Thus, it is best if you consult with professional contractors like Bathroom Remodel New Orleans. They have the best designers who can help you pick the perfect pattern and colors for your bathroom. Call them now for more details.

Shower Accessories

Accessories are some of the products that make your shower stand out more. They add up to the aesthetic of your space and make it look more luxurious. However, you should not randomly choose shower accessories based on their look. You should consult with experts like Bathroom Remodel New Orleans so that you can get assistance in selecting the accessories that will compliment your shower model. Most importantly, they will provide you high-quality products; thus, you’ll get the best out of your money.

A Modern Bathroom with Bathtub
A Shower Room with Glass Door
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