Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth doing a bathroom remodel?

Our satisfied clients say it all. Whether you own a small bathroom or a master bath, remodeling is always worth it. Talk to expert real estate agents, and they will say the same. Putting a house on the market with a remodeled bathroom will increase its value, therefore, giving more on your end.

Furthermore, bathroom remodeling is not only worth it for a house that is for sale. It is also great for everyone that needs refreshment and wants to change the theme of their home. It is also believed that remodeling a bathroom improves the mood of homeowners and makes their daily life brighter. With all these explanations, we are confident that bathroom remodeling is worth every penny you pay.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

It is only suitable for you to know the cost before committing yourself to use bathroom remodeling services. Therefore, know that several factors will determine the amount you’ll pay for renovating your bathroom. Such factors are the following:

  • Bathroom size
  • Design layout
  • Materials used
  • Fixtures installed
  • Extra services

In general, if you have a 5×7 bath and only want to change a few features, it won’t cost you much. You can always consult with us first to have a clearer idea of how much it would cost you to remodel your bathroom. 

How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?

Another crucial component of your project is your timeline. It should be done promptly, regardless of the size. Nevertheless, each project is different. If it’s essential, do not hold back your feelings, desires, thoughts, or needs. In case you need a quick turnaround, please let us know early on. Coming up with a strategy ahead of time will help you a lot, so long as you keep your options open.

How do bathroom upgrades increase the value of your home?

Every house is built differently. The more assets you have in your home, the more money you will get from selling it. Thus, upgrading your bathroom and replacing your fixtures with new models will generally increase the market price of your house. So, consider remodeling your bathroom if you have a plan of selling it in the future.

How to find a contractor to remodel your bathroom?

There are thousands of bathroom remodel contractors online. However, only a tiny portion of them are reliable. So, how can you find a reputable contractor? Good thing we made a list of steps you can follow to hire the best contractor for your bathroom remodeling need. Those steps are as follow:

  • Identify what you need. Is it a total bathroom makeover, or want to upgrade some features?
  • Ask for recommendations. Word of mouth from genuine clients is the most trusted advertisement you can rely on. No reviews will be better than those of the people that experienced using such services.
  • Narrow down your options. List companies that you find reliable and do a background check on each of them.
  • Review their credentials. Make sure that they are licensed and accredited.
  • Check their safety record. See if they have decent services and finished their project with no to minimal complaints.
  • Hire the best one. Choose the contractor that is most reliable according to your search.

Are walk-in showers practical?

Absolutely! It is a great and efficient choice – especially if you have an elderly family member that has a hard time using a bathtub. Moreover, walk-in showers are typically less expensive compared to bathtubs, depending on their model. 

What is the best material for a tub or shower?

Contemporary bathroom with shower cabin and bath


Tubs are excellent fixtures to install in your bathroom. However, you should choose only the best material to use for your tub. Hence, we made a short guide for you. 


  • Acrylic
    Pros – Inexpensive, lightweight, sturdy, non-porous, repairable surface
    Cons – More expensive than fiberglass, must be adequately reinforced during installation, abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface.
  • Cast Polymer
    Pros – Affordable, easy to clean, stain-resistant
    Cons – Brittle, prone to cracks when gel coat wears off
  • Enameled Cast Iron
    Pros – Very durable, chip and scratch-resistant, classic, excellent heat retention
    Very heavy
  • Fiberglass (FRP)
    Pros – Lightweight, easy to install, inexpensive, easy to clean, great for a shower-tub combo
    Cons – Not as durable as the others, the finish fades quickly, the surface may crack.
  • Porcelain Enameled Steel
    Pros – Affordable, lightweight, durable, easy to clean
    Cons – Noisy if not insulated, loses heat quickly, chips and rusts with poor care


Showers are not made equal. Thus, you must have adequate knowledge about the materials used. See below the pros and cons of various shower materials you can choose from.


  • Acrylic
    Pros – Durable, easy to install and clean, lightweight, resistant to dents and cracks
    Cons – Not DIY-friendly, not suitable for customization

  • Ceramic Tiles
    Pros – Affordable, easy to install, water-resistant
    Cons – Not resistant to mold and mildew

  • Fiberglass
    Pros – Effective and inexpensive to install, has density options for insulation, no need for grout.
    Cons – Likely cancer-causing, doesn’t seal tightly along with ceilings and walls.

  • Glass Tiles
    Pros – Easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, waterproof, eco-friendly
    Cons – Expensive, not DIY-friendly

  • Natural Stone
    Pros – Classic, hard-wearing, improves with age
    Cons – Heavy, expensive

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

Have you ever come across bathroom remodeling services online but thought, “I have a small bathroom; this service is not for me”? You are wrong about that! Renovation services are for everyone, regardless of the bathroom you own. Small bath sizes shouldn’t stop you from turning your space into something you love to see each day. You can hire Bathroom Remodel New Orleans to repaint your walls, add new fixtures and install a new shower. It will make your bathroom look elegant and certainly put you in a good mood every time you use it.

What are the things to consider before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor?

Choosing a contractor is as crucial as selecting the materials for your bathroom renovation project. When hiring one, you need to do background research on them and see if they have these qualities:

  • Specialize in bathroom remodeling
  • Promptness
  • Wide variety of services
  • License and accreditation

If they do not possess all these qualities, you should avoid them and look further.

Fortunately, you can directly go to Bathroom Remodel New Orleans. We have all of those and offer more services for our customers. We are also transparent from start to finish, provide high-quality products and has a team of expert bathroom remodelers. Thus, stop now wasting time on unreliable companies, consult directly with us, and let us talk about your dream bathroom space!

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